Bohemian Luxe

Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • Rich colours balanced with a neutral palette
  • Layering of patterns and textures
  • An eclectic mix of furniture styles
  • A mix of old and new

Start Simple

If you’d like to embrace this trend, we recommend starting with a simple base — select one or two hero colours to work around and then add some decorative elements that add a bit of personality to your space. It’s a good idea to start with a neutral base, as this will give your bolder design choices the opportunity to really take centre stage. For example, a crisp white palette works well as a base for a mix of throws and fabrics in bright colours, while a fun wallpaper, mixed tiles or bold piece of furniture can add some personality to a neutral space.

Domus Piombo Decorator
Voyager Light

Eureka Inatrsio Bianco and Grigio Matt

Play with Pattern

Once you’ve created your base, you can play with bolder design elements. When it comes to choosing tiles, for example, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns to really achieve an eclectic look. In fact, patterns are central to the Bohemian Luxe look, and you can really have fun choosing how to best express your unique style.

When it comes to getting the Bohemian Luxe look right, it’s important to remember that while the aesthetic is laid-back and eclectic, the more elegant approach to the trend requires some structure. Try to keep some design elements modern and sleek, but don’t be afraid to put together some unexpected colours and patterns. Ultimately, you’ll want to balance simplicity with dramatic shades and shapes. Have fun with layers and textures, but be sure to find ways to bring in a sense of harmony, whether with the addition of a cool colour, matte metals, or some carefully curated wall art.

Get the Look

Our Art collection makes a great addition to any Bohemian Luxe space. The floor and wall tiles are available in an array of patterns, shapes and colours, which can be adapted for your space. This collection is ideal for mixing and matching, especially if you want to personalise your look.

To incorporate some luxury elements, you might consider our Desert Collection, which comes in a range of delicate colour shades. The mosaic feature tile combines textures with a number of different finishes and is a great option if you want to transform a wall into an attractive focal point, while the groove feature tile can dress an entire wall with a linear, textured pattern.

Another great option for incorporating some texture into your home, the Voyager collection is inspired by architectural elements of the past and the allure of adventure to foreign lands. The tiles work well for both internal walls and floors, and are available in a range of colours, including grey, rust and white.

For a neutral base, the Durango collection makes a great starting point. The collection includes porcelain floor and wall tiles in natural colour tones, including grey and walnut options. The tiles add a sophisticated style to a space, and can be laid in various ways, depending on your chosen aesthetic. They work well in a variety of spaces, including bathrooms, living rooms and outdoor entertaining areas.

Oragami Bianco

Scale Green